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COSYCOZY Acetate Cotton Double Layered Dress

COSYCOZY Acetate Cotton Double Layered Dress

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Ultra fine acetic acid cotton and flat needle fabric are like the second layer of human skin, delicate, smooth, lightweight, and agile.

Acetic acid - extracted from the highest quality coniferous tree oars, pure natural wood oar fibers, combined with cotton fibers, enhance the texture and moisture absorption and breathability of finished garments; The yarn is manufactured using advanced textile technology, with a smooth and comfortable touch, while retaining the faint elegant luster of acetate fiber, and its performance is similar to that of mulberry silk.

 A simple plain knit fabric is as soft and comfortable as the second layer of skin. The clothing made from this yarn has the characteristics of being dry, lightweight, and not easily deformed after washing, as well as the functions of deodorization and insect prevention. It is easy to take care of in daily life and is a natural and environmentally friendly yarn.

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