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COSYCOZY Asymmetric Sloping Shoulder Top

COSYCOZY Asymmetric Sloping Shoulder Top

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This yarn uses ultra-fine Xinjiang long staple cotton as the raw material, with a cotton fiber length of over 35mm, which is longer than ordinary cotton fibers.

Coupled with a special strong twisting process, the yarn is more delicate, and the cotton fiber brings a dry feel and sweat absorption, breathable characteristics.

The nylon composition of the blended fabric gives it good toughness and slight elasticity, while making the fabric look more layered; The ultra-fine yarn count creates a delicate and high-end texture and a smooth hand feel, making the finished garment skin friendly, breathable and burden free.

1. Soft and natural color tone, delicate and skin friendly yarn count;
2. Asymmetric design with sloping shoulders highlights elegant lines;
3. Ultra fine cotton fibers provide a dry and comfortable wearing experience.

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