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COSYCOZY Brushed Cashmere Cardigan Coat

COSYCOZY Brushed Cashmere Cardigan Coat

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Brushed cashmere refers to a finishing process applied to cashmere fabric or garments. Cashmere itself is a luxurious and soft natural fiber obtained from the undercoat of cashmere goats. The brushing process involves gently raising the fibers on the surface of the fabric, typically using a fine metal brush or another similar tool.

Brushed cashmere items are sought after for their superior comfort and luxurious feel, the purpose of brushing cashmere is to enhance its softness and create a fluffier texture. This technique can also contribute to the creation of a more insulating and warmer fabric by trapping air between the fibers. Brushing adds to the overall comfort and coziness of cashmere garments, making them even more desirable for their exceptional softness and warmth.

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