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COSYCOZY Hand Crochet Small Bag

COSYCOZY Hand Crochet Small Bag

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Selecting natural long staple high twist cotton for weaving, with a hint of interweaving and entanglement, each garment is filled with natural fullness, bringing a soft and comfortable wearing experience to the upper body. Long staple cotton, also known as island cotton, has a fiber length that exceeds that of ordinary cotton by 35%.

The fibers are slender, high in strength, and the fabric feels dry and comfortable to wear. It is known as the finest cotton; Extremely fine plush cotton yarn is twisted and threaded using high-strength twisting technology, resulting in higher yarn strength and a sand like drape feel.

The woven fabric has better wrinkle resistance than ordinary pure cotton fabrics. Pure cotton ingredients, natural, healthy, and comfortable are its synonyms. Cotton products also have good moisture absorption and breathability, are skin friendly, environmentally friendly, and anti-static.

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