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COSYCOZY Hollow Out Alpaca Wool Knit Cardigan

COSYCOZY Hollow Out Alpaca Wool Knit Cardigan

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Crafted from a blend of ultra-fine alpaca, silk-like merino wool, and nylon fibers, this yarn creates a perfect texture that exceeds expectations. The fabric's surface is voluminous with a rich texture, exhibiting finesse and providing a soft and elastic touch.

When worn, it feels gentle against the skin, breathable, and exceptionally comfortable—light as a cloud, offering a touch of heavenly indulgence. The combination of multiple fibers elevates the texture, enhancing the yarn's strength for garment weaving.

Alpacas, thriving primarily at an altitude of 4500 meters in the Andes Mountains, endure substantial day-to-night temperature fluctuations. This unique environment contributes to the special hollow structure of alpaca wool, resulting in a lightweight, thin, and elastic material. Revered as the "[soft gold]" of the fashion world, alpaca wool is among the world's most elite materials.

With longer fibers than traditional wool, it outperforms wool in both insulation and breathability. Its softness and comfort rival that of cashmere, delivering a luxurious touch and an elevated sense of sophistication.

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