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COSYCOZY Hollow Out Jacquard Knit Skirt

COSYCOZY Hollow Out Jacquard Knit Skirt

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Distinct textures are curated through the selection of different yarns, aiming for a harmonious blend of simplicity and intricate design.

90% Wool + 10% Cashmere is a fusion of ultrafine micron (17.5 micrometers) Merino wool and premium cashmere fibers sourced from Inner Mongolia. This combination preserves the low-maintenance and robust attributes of wool, coupled with the plush, cozy, and insulating qualities of cashmere. The ultrafine Merino wool imparts a refined touch, and the fabric is both warm and breathable, adapting effortlessly to fluctuations in environmental temperature. The addition of 10% cashmere fibers lightens the fabric while ensuring optimal warmth, striking a delicate equilibrium between temperature and sophistication, allowing your personality and authenticity to shine.

The hem, featuring a blend of mohair and wool, incorporates ultrafine mohair and high-grade wool. This results in elongated, cloud-like fibers with exceptional skin-friendly properties. Subtle elastic components enhance the fabric's comfort and flexibility, cultivating a soft and resilient touch. The material is airy and voluminous, delivering a delightful, cloud-like sensation and an experience as gentle as caressing the sky.

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