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COSYCOZY Lace Jacquard Top

COSYCOZY Lace Jacquard Top

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Two types of yarn with different thicknesses, unique and delicate lace hollow pattern texture combined with pleated ribbed stitching, creating a combination of virtual and real, breaking the dullness and presenting a simple yet casual atmosphere.

Cotton is made by blending high-quality long staple cotton with a small amount of anti pilling nylon fiber to create a fancy loop yarn. The small loops have a towel like appearance, which is unique. The fabric has the good characteristics of natural cotton fibers: soft touch, skin friendly, and loose texture.

When worn as a garment, it absorbs moisture and is breathable, dry and non stick, and is more advanced than ordinary cotton yarn, with a more unique appearance. Ultra fine Tencel wool, selected from Austrian Lanjing Tencel, blended with three types of fibers: Merino wool and nylon. The finished product has the sagging properties of Tencel, the moisture absorption and breathability of wool, and the anti pilling properties of nylon; The texture of the fabric is delicate and smooth, with a soft and comfortable texture.

When worn, it can feel natural and lightweight, bringing a new touch to the skin.

1. The unique and delicate lace pattern presents a simple yet casual atmosphere;
2. Selected Austrian Lanjing Tencel combined with natural cotton fiber for a soft and skin friendly touch, moisture absorption and breathability for wearing;
3. The small circular yarn has a unique texture.

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