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COSYCOZY Machine Washable Wool Seamless Knit Base Layer

COSYCOZY Machine Washable Wool Seamless Knit Base Layer

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High-quality Australian extra-fine Merino wool, a natural fiber, provides a lasting embrace to the skin. As a natural and renewable fiber, it seamlessly adheres to the body like a second layer of delicate skin, delivering an ultimate sense of lightness and softness. Wearing it feels like a gentle embrace reminiscent of clouds, offering a skin-friendly experience as warm as sunshine. We believe everyone will find it utterly irresistible.

As an "active" fiber, wool also assists in regulating body temperature, offering warmth in cold weather and a cooling effect in hot temperatures, balancing style and comfort seamlessly. The extremely fine-spun wool yarn is lightweight and thin, with finely detailed weaves, a soft and natural sheen, and elastic ribbing that resists wrinkles, ensuring easy maintenance and a comfortable wear.

For conventional wool, our machine-washable wool incorporates anti-shrinkage technology. It's like adding a "protective layer" to the wool surface. By partially removing scales and applying resin to prevent scale displacement due to external pressure, the product overcomes the issues of easy shrinkage and handwashing-only requirements. The finished product can be machine-washed in water below 30°C (with the washing mode adjusted for knitted fabrics).

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