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COSYCOZY Perforated Texture Knit Cardigan

COSYCOZY Perforated Texture Knit Cardigan

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Ultrafine cashmere provides a gentle, cloud-like embrace, combining with butterfly yarn to weave a textured tweed pattern that is both rich and uniquely captivating.

Cashmere: Resembling silk from the cocoon, cashmere wool boasts a warm and lustrous glow akin to silk. Ultrafine cashmere fibers are sourced from Angora goats aged around five to six months, with a fineness typically around 28 micrometers. This makes it more precious than regular cashmere, offering the best in skin-friendly properties within the cashmere category. The yarn is also blended with multiple fibers, including active fiber wool, enhancing insulation and breathability for a skin-friendly breathing environment. Acrylic, also known as "synthetic wool," is included to increase anti-pilling capabilities, closely resembling the properties of wool and adding fluffiness and lightness to the yarn.

Butterfly Yarn: Using nylon fibers and combining them with high-performance non-woven fabric from Japan, the yarn is cut into petals and twisted to create butterfly yarn. Resembling the wings of a butterfly, the yarn presents a unique appearance and can be paired with various yarns to achieve different effects. It is lightweight, soft, and resistant to pilling.


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