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COSYCOZY Tussah Silk Sweater

COSYCOZY Tussah Silk Sweater

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Minimalism is redefined through a soft filter, unveiling a dreamy and soothing beauty in tranquil spaces. This distinctive coarse support bouclé yarn, though featuring a thicker thread, carries an ethereal weightlessness akin to clouds. Crafted from oak silk, it emits a subtle, pearl-like sheen, exuding a discreet yet luxurious charm. Post-washing, it reveals a bouclé-like appearance, adding a three-dimensional, fuzzy texture that infuses a refined quality into each piece.

When worn, it delicately embraces the skin, allowing breathability and a feather-light sensation, akin to the soft touch of cashmere. This brings forth a comfortable and healing wearing experience. The comfortable feel and loose silhouette craft a laid-back, casual ambiance. The fabric's surface is voluminous with texture, elevating styles with a gentle and sophisticated touch.

Please note: This yarn is bouclé, and minimal shedding may occur in finished garments, which is considered a normal characteristic.

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