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COSYCOZY Waffle Wool Sde Slit Top

COSYCOZY Waffle Wool Sde Slit Top

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High quality Australian ultra-fine Merino wool, made of natural fibers, provides a long-lasting and comfortable embrace for the skin. As a natural renewable fiber, it fits the upper body as delicately as the second layer of skin, with an extremely lightweight and soft texture, bringing a skin friendly experience as soft as clouds and a warm feeling as warm as the sun. I believe everyone will only love it.

As an active fiber, wool can also help regulate body temperature, providing warmth during cold weather and keeping cool during hot weather, making it fashionable and comfortable; Ultra fine worsted wool yarn has a light and thin texture, with dense and clear weave patterns, soft and natural luster.

The pit weave method is elastic and not prone to wrinkles, making it easy to wear and maintain.

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