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COSYCOZY Water Soluble Wool Long Sleeved Top

COSYCOZY Water Soluble Wool Long Sleeved Top

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Water soluble wool is a new type of water-soluble fiber material, which is spun from Australian ultra-fine wool combined with imported PVA; Wool fibers can only be selected when their fineness reaches 1/8 of that of hair, indicating the preciousness of their raw materials. Water soluble material, after washing, shrinking, and drying, presents a light and fluffy texture. The ultra-fine material brings a light, thin, and comfortable wearing experience, updating the impression of thick and heavy knit texture.

When worn, it slightly penetrates the skin and brings a perfect sense of perspective; There is no tactile sensation on the upper body, as if it is enveloped by clouds. Water soluble yarn is lightweight, breathable, and the ultra-fine count brings a silky texture. After washing, the water-soluble fibers are dissolved and removed, leaving 100% wool. However, it is thinner and lighter than ordinary wool as the base, and has a texture comparable to cashmere, extremely high-end.

Maintenance Guidelines:
1. Beautiful wool sweaters are best dry cleaned or hand washed, not machine washed.
2. Mix the specialized detergent in 30 ° C water and soak the soaked woolen sweater for 15-30 minutes before gently patting and washing.
3. Wool is prone to insect infestation and is also prone to deformation due to its lightweight nature. Therefore, before storage, it must be washed and dried, folded and bagged, and placed flat. Avoid hanging it to prevent it from hanging and deforming; Do not mix and pack with other products in the same bag; Store in a dark, well ventilated, and dry place.

When storing, pay attention to insect proof measures and strictly prohibit direct contact between insect repellents and woolen sweaters.

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